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Hi Guys,

About yesterday, it was a great event indeed. Glad that we had some meaningful conversations and lots of networking. I hope we connect more often and leverage the power of collaboration.

Thanks Mansi & team for organising.🤩🤘🏻


Literally, I’m really grateful to you. Thank you for being organised such a valuable meet ups and I feel proud of your initiative and maybe each one of us will definitely make a contribution to propel your journey as we can. I don’t have words for you to thank you.

It was a great pleasure to know everyone’s experience and skills to have networking with you all fellows. Hope you get what you want by exploring these meet ups. These meet ups can also make good potential professional bonding for the long term. I’m glad to meet all of you and respect your time, skills and experience.Thanks for everyone sharing your valuable experience and expertise to expand each other’s business, startups, and career as well.

I’ll be happy meet everyone again.

Hopefully we help each other and grow all together.

❤️ Thanks all of you 🙏


I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for organizing and hosting the networking meeting. It was truly a wonderful experience, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to participate. The insights shared, the connections made, and the knowledge exchanged during the meeting were invaluable. I genuinely believe that these interactions will have a positive impact on my professional growth and aspirations. Once again, thank you for organizing such a fantastic networking event. Your effort and dedication are commendable, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. Looking forward to staying connected and collaborating in the future!Best regards,


Being honest, it was a lovely experience for me. It was great meeting all the people and a pleasure knowing a little chunk of theirselves.
The best part of the meetup was a piece of advice from everyone which really is significant as I got to learn a lesson which has learned by others from their good and bad phases
You guys are doing a wonderful job and keep up the good work!!
Loved to be a part of such community ❤️ 😊
(Sales Professional)


Thank You everyone for connecting, hope to connect you all back. This was very happening.



Excited about my time at Gear On Business event! 🌟 The sessions were engaging, speakers insightful, and networking opportunities superb.

Big shout out to the organizers for creating a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. Eager to apply key takeaways to my business approach.

Let’s connect and chat about the exciting ideas ignited during the event.🚀


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Hi buddy i m genuinely happy to see this kinda events happening in ahmedabad kudos to you and your team for past 2 years I use to struggle to look for such events and network and find like minded ppl so to see something happening like thissss is more than gratitude and grateful i feel…



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